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WPreset Review — Most Advanced WordPress Reset Tool.

Reset, Recover, And Repair Your WordPress Site In A Click 

Installing, uninstalling, restoring, repairing, and resetting your WordPress site is a headache for many small businesses because it is expensive. That’s why I’m doing this WP Reset review to help you easily reset any WordPress site and save you more money and time.

WP Reset is the best WordPress plugin that you can use to install, uninstall, reset, and set up your WP site. It also provides more options such as removing parts of your WP site, installing additional plugins, cleaning tools, and more.

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Wpreset Review — TL;DR

  • Perform a complete reset of your website in seconds, not hours!
  • Instantly reset or remove parts of your WP site and restore hacked or damaged sites
  • Create collections of your favorite themes and plugins that can be easily installed on new sites
  • Easily manage all your sites, licenses, images, and collections from your dashboard
  • Use Collections to create a set of your favorite plugins and themes for easy installation from the cloud!
  • Take a snapshot to easily revert to a previous version of your site, then store copies in the cloud for guaranteed access.
  • Use the crash recovery script to completely restore your site, even from the white screen of death!
  • Manage your images, collections, client licenses, and more right from your dashboard!

What Is WP Reset & How Does It Work?

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that co-installs themes and plugins, restores default settings, and takes snapshots of your site.

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WP Reset lets you reset everything to defaults without having to reinstall WordPress or do it all manually.

You can even reset or delete selected parts of your site and tune or streamline in record time, including removing all those unused widgets that slow you down.

Get rid of all those pesky theme options and old content and you’ve got yourself a super fast rebrand.

You’ll also be able to completely rebrand the plugin and impress your clients — logo, colors, title, and all — without touching a line of code.

You can also automate the process by having WP Reset automatically take snapshots depending on certain actions and events.

WPreset Review

Ok, so your site has been hacked or plagued with the dreaded white screen of death. No need to panic.

Even if you don’t have access to your webmaster, you can use the WP Reset emergency recovery script to recover your site.

This powerful feature comes with over 12 tools, including Snapshots support, to get your site out of any sticky situation.

WP Reset makes it easy to rebuild your site from the ground up and stores copies in the cloud so you’re prepared for the worst.

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Wpreset Review — Features & Benefits

  1. Reset Theme Options: This resets all settings for your active theme. It does not stop at the active topic.
  2. De-transient: If you don’t know what transient is, then explain that WordPress will use a temporary data store for any modification. Once the website is updated, the temporary data will expire. The plugin will delete all existing and temporary data that has expired.
  3. Purge Cache: This function clears all cache from the database. The plugin works with WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP-Cache, LiteSpeed ​​​​Cache, Endurance Page Cache, SiteGround Optimizer, WP Fastest Cache, and Swift Performance work very well.
  4. Clear local data: If you click this, all user data will be removed from your local storage and you will be logged out the next time you refresh.
  5. Reset User Roles: Removes all custom users except the administrator.
  6. Delete Content: This tool will delete all the pages, posts, comments, and categories you have on the site.
  7. Remove widget: Restore and edit widgets
  8. Remove Themes: Restore and remove all active and inactive installed themes.
  9. Delete plugins: Deletes all plugins with their data.
  10. Removing plugins and MU plugins: MU stands for “must use”. WP comes with pre-installed scripts that cannot be removed from the control panel. With WP Reset you will be able to remove them all.
  11. Clean Up Upload Folder: Removes all images, PDFs, and other files you’ve uploaded from the host.
  12. Clean WP-contents Folder: Resets all folders that WordPress automatically generates on your domain
  13. Switch WP version: This feature is not very useful because you can only update to a newer version of WordPress, but you can go back to an older version, nothing more than a plugin update.
  14. Delete .htaccess: You can use this plugin to delete your .htaccess file. But you should edit it using WP reset Editor if you need.

Wpreset Review — Best For

  • Freelance
  • Marketer
  • Developers
  • Blogger
  • Website owner
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Saas

It Wpreset Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Alternative

Wpreset Review — Plans and Features

Terms and Conditions

  • Lifetime access to WP Reset Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!
  • All future team plan updates
  • No codes, no folding — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Note: This agreement cannot be upgraded or downgraded between license levels
  • GDPR Compliant
60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Wpreset Review — Pricing Plans

WP Reset Appsumo Lifetime Deal One-time purchase for $49
  • 5 site licenses
  • 5 WPR Cloud Site Licenses
  • 2GB storage per lifetime cloud license, 10GB total
  • More than 25 tools
  • Snapshots and Auto Snapshots
  • A collection of plugins and themes
  • Emergency recovery script
  • WP Reset Control Panel
  • License Manager
  • White label

Wpreset Review — FAQ

Can I move licenses between sites?

Sure! Once you deactivate the plugin on a site, the license is returned to your license pool and you can activate it on another site. This also applies to cloud licenses via the WP Reset Dashboard.

Is WPR Cloud a deal for life?

Yes, WP reset cloud keeps your files forever so you can access them anytime as long as you have access to your WP Cloud account.

Does it automatically delete your files?

WP reset cannot automatically delete your files. Instead, you need to enter the word “reset” and confirm by clicking the reset button for a manual reset.

What is WP Reset Cloud?

The cloud is where you securely store your collections and images. It is a setup-free service designed specifically for WP Reset users that serves as a repository that is always accessible from the plugin and from the WP Reset dashboard.

Is WP Reset a backup plugin?

WP Reset does not replace conventional backup plugins. Instead, it works together with them to provide better protection for your website

Wpreset Review — Conclusion

WP Reset is more than just backing up and resetting a plugin. This is one of the best developer tools for beginners and sole website owners. You have access to all website data in one place and can change it according to your needs. Then if something goes wrong, you can easily restore it all with one click.

Every website owner has a lot of interest in the site that they have created with so much effort. So if you don’t want to waste or spend a lot of time fixing your 100-page site, I suggest you try backup and resetting.

If you don’t like the plugin, you are entitled to a refund within 7 days.

Get Instant Access To Wpreset Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!

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