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WpDataTables Review — Best WordPress Table & Charts Plugin

WpDataTables Review

Hey, are you looking for the best WordPress charts and graphs plugin?

then you are in the right place. In our wpDataTables review, we’re going to look at one of the top plugins in the space.

Simple table builder or Google Sheets, Excel, MySQL query, etc. allows you to create tables from almost any source, such as It works for a simple table of contents (such as a product comparison table) or a large data table with millions of rows.

Plus, you can take any table and turn it into attractive charts and graphs.

Overall, it is a user-friendly and flexible plugin for working with data and graphics. Or, thanks to the new update, it now works perfectly to compare products and price tables.


What Is WpDataTables?

wpDataTables is one of the most flexible table and chart plugins you will find. Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, JSON, your WordPress site database, external databases, etc. You can import or synchronize data from various sources such as If necessary, you can create different charts from your table.

WpDataTables Review

With the new simple table builder, you can design simple visual tables, such as product comparison tables or price tables.

Best of all, a beautiful user interface on the front and back gives your visitors a great experience and makes it easy to work with your tables and charts.

Overall, the wpDataTables plugin is pretty good at what it does, so our wpDataTables review will be positive overall.

Set up wpDataTables in WordPress

wpDataTables includes a dedicated website for easy plugin downloads. There is a free version of this plugin in the WordPress repository.

The installation process is very easy like any other WordPress installation. After installation and activation, you can create tables from the dashboard. Creating a table with it is very easy.

wpDataTables is one such table builder plugin that helps you build charts and tables for WordPress websites. You can import table data or start from scratch to create a table.

You can use this to create the following table for your website,
  • statistical table
  • Price list table
  • Financial statements table
  • Premier league table
  • Product table
  • Amazon comparison chart & table

One of the best features of Table Builder is that it allows you to create SEO-friendly and effective tables. Plus, it’s very easy to install, use, tabulate, and deploy.


Create tables and charts in WordPress in three Simple Basic Steps

1. Enter the data in the table

Upload your file, submit your MySQL query, provide a URL, or enter data manually.

2. Adjust if desired

Make your table look good — effective, resizable, conditional formatting, and more.

3. Publish on a Page or post

Once you’re happy with the layout, insert it into your post or page using the standard WP Editor or Visual Composer.

WpDataTables Review — Features and Benefits

  • WP Admin can be used to create tables,
  • MySQL compatibility (real-time data from queries can be viewed directly in tables and graphs)
  • Compatibility with 3 different charting engines including Google Sheets, Highcharts, and Charts.js,
  • the interactive table that changes when visitors to the website are filtered or sorted;
  • Data from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or CSV files can be displayed directly in tables and charts or imported into MySQL.
  • Formatting tools facilitate data analysis and editing (for example, colored rows and columns);
  • No complex configuration is required,
  • It helps you create magic charts and tables,
  • The table is 100% responsive.
  • 2 editing modes, including a standard editor (suitable for small amounts of data) and an Excel-like editor (used for large data),
  • Free lifetime updates and 6 months of support,
  • The plugin can retrieve data from a remote MySQL server,
  • This plugin can calculate total, average, min, and max values ​​as needed.
  • The query generator helps people who don’t understand SQL,
  • The design can be customized according to the wishes of the website developer.
  • Filters can be placed in widgets,
  • The table can be edited if necessary,
  • The table can be customized according to the needs of our website,
  • Advanced filters and searches enable greater accuracy and less wasted time for website visitors.
  • 11 date formats are given,
  • Compatible with all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • This feature can help WordPress users get more out of their plugins while keeping their data safe and useful. It is also very easy to create presentation charts from the collected data, so anyone can present large amounts of data in an easy-to-read pie chart or bar graph (this feature makes it perfect for presenting to the boss).

WpDataTables Review — Pros & Cons


  • Top table and graph plugin
  • Customizable WordPress tables
  • Everyone was overwhelmed by the overwhelming support
  • advanced filter
  • HTML type
  • Integration with Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Table customization options
  • ease of use
  • previous edit
  • Lots of export and import options
  • Extras available
  • Multiple integrations


  • All functions are available in the paid version

WpDataTables Review — Conclusion

After using many WordPress table plugins, I believe that wpDataTables is definitely one of the best solutions.

Be flexible in how you import your spreadsheet data. The interface makes what could be a complex process confusing.


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