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Tozo Review — All-In-One Social Media Scheduling & Marketing Tool

A complete solution for your social media marketing: manage, automate, and analyze in one place.

Tozo Review

Hey! Are you Looking for the best social media scheduling & marketing tool to save hundreds of hours and grow your business?

Staying on top of your social media efforts is no easy task. Even small businesses need to maintain a presence on major social platforms such as Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, VK, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but managing all these accounts and posting regularly can be time-consuming.

However, with the help of social media planning tools, you can make it easier and more efficient to plan your social media strategy in advance and deploy it across platforms.

Well TOZO is here to help you save time and social media scheduling & marketing platforms. Plan visuals, create posts, and automate your social media in one dashboard.

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Tozo Review — Use Cases

  • Coordinate and automate creative campaigns to drive engagement on social media
  • Measure and report the performance of your content across all social media

Tozo Review — Overview

TOZO is more than just another social media planning tool!

Tozo Review

Visually plan and schedule your social media campaigns.

Coordinate creative campaigns for social media engagement.

Measure and report the performance of your content.

Tozo Review

Get deep insights to improve your engagement, engagement, and sales.

Monitor engagement across all your social channels.

Engage with your audience and build a community that loves your brand. Streamline your social media efforts for your customers.

Whether focusing on a campaign for one brand or managing social media across hundreds of different brands, TOZO helps social media managers be more productive by managing all of their client’s social media from one dashboard.

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Tozo Review — Feature & Benefits

Post, plan, monitor and promote your brand on 12 social media platforms

Tozo Review

Harnessing the power of the TOZO social media platform’s single dashboard, we’re changing the way you use Social Media platforms for business and marketing to be compatible with TOZO, the most powerful Social Media Planner.

1. Social media plan

Manage, edit, and update content scheduled for posting.

Schedule anytime across multiple social media platforms from one dashboard

2. Visual Content Planner

Get a clear visual overview of all the articles you have published in your various social networks, as well as articles that are expected to be published in the future.

Keep your social media content organized and under control, all in one convenient place.

3. Reporting and analytics

Get statistics on your activity on each platform

Find out how many entries have been completed and more

4. Monitor relationships

Track and analyze key metrics like likes, comments, shares, and more, giving you a deeper understanding of how your audience engages with your content.

5. Distributed on 12 platforms

Post on 12 platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, GMB, and Telegram

6. RSS feed

Tozo links to all website blogs via RSS Feed. The next time an article is published, it will automatically be shared with all the platforms you have set up.

7. Watermark

Set a common or unique watermark for each account you manage.

Your watermark will be automatically added the next time you print.

8. recording

Save your favorite posts with quick access for hassle-free social media posting.

This feature allows you to save the most frequently used articles for easy searching. Just create a list of posts and Tozo will keep them organized for you

9. Team Manager

Group your different social media accounts for more control.

At the time of the next post, you can choose which group you want to publish to.

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Improve your social media marketing with TOZO on 12 platforms

1. Facebook Scheduler

Make regular posts on Facebook pages and groups

2. Instagram Scheduler

Schedule posts and view Analytics on Instagram

3. LinkedIn Scheduler

Schedule posts and promote LinkedIn with TOZO

4. Twitter Scheduler

Schedule posts and view Analytics on Twitter

5. Telegram Scheduler

Double-click and sort the posts in the Telegram channel

6. Pinterest Scheduler

TOZO allows you to schedule posts and bullet points on Pinterest that will be automatically published at scheduled times.

7. Tumblr

TOZO is the easiest and most secure way to manage posts on Tumblr.

8. Google My Business

Manage your listing on Google My Business. TOZO provides real-time optimization analytics and reports that increase your efficiency in managing your Google My Business page.

9. YouTube

Automate YouTube management, and schedule recordings and videos on YouTube with TOZO

10. Vk Posting

TOZO allows you to write in Vk. A scheduling tool that allows you to make reservations in VK.

11. Reddit

TOZO is a Reddit program designed to automate your Reddit marketing efforts.

12. RSS feed

You can submit content to RSS FEED in any time zone and in any language, in multiple locations simultaneously with TOZO.

Plans and Features

Terms and Conditions
  • Lifetime access to TOZO — Social media planning tool
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Future schedule updates

60 days money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months, it suits you!

Tozo Review — Pricing Plans

TOZO — Social Media Planning Tool One-Time Purchase of $29
  • 3 accounts on each of the 12 platforms
  • (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vk)
  • Planning, reporting, and analytics
  • Telegram schedule, reports, and analytics
  • Reddit Scheduling, Reporting, and Analytics
  • YouTube schedule, reports, and analytics
  • RSS Feed Plan
  • Instagram analytics and direct messaging
  • Twitter analytics, inbox, and trending
  • Spintax, watermark, and photo editing support
  • Cloud Import: Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive
  • File Type: Photos and Videos
  • Storage: 100 MB
  • Max. file size: 10 MB
  • (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vk)
  • 2 codes: 6 accounts on 7 platforms, storage: 200 MB
  • (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vk)
  • 3 codes: 9 accounts on 10 platforms (2 team members), Storage: 300 MB
  • (7 Main Platforms + RSS Feed, Reddit, Telegram)
  • 4 codes: 12 accounts on 10 platforms (5 team members), Storage: 400 MB
  • (7 Main Platforms + RSS Feed, Reddit, Telegram, Youtube, Google My Business)
  • 5 codes: 15 accounts on 12 platforms (9 team members), Storage: 500 MB
  • (7 Main Platforms + RSS Feed, Reddit, Telegram, Youtube, Google My Business)

Tozo Review — FAQ

Which social media platforms are integrated?

TOZO integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS Feed, GMB, Telegram, Vk, YouTube

Is my information safe?

Yes! Your information is safe, we never sell it to third parties

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