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SiteGuru Review — Easy To Use & Complete SEO Software.

Improve & Track Your Website Rankings With A Helpful SEO To-Do List.

SiteGuru Review

SiteGuru is a complete SEO tool with thousands of satisfied users, from internal marketers, and freelance hackers to SEO agencies, with lots of positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Whether you are a marketer new to SEO or an experienced SEO consultant, SiteGuru is for you.

SiteGuru will audit your site and instead of a list of thousands of issues, we’ll give you a to-do list to help you improve your rankings and increase traffic.

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SiteGuru Review — TL;DR

  • Weekly SEO audits in your inbox so you never miss any issues on your site
  • Get a full SEO audit that tells you exactly where you need to start to improve your rankings
  • We offer you a to-do list that will help you improve your rankings and increase traffic
  • We also help you monitor SEO performance by combining data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Improve your search ranking and get more traffic from Google

What Is SiteGuru & How Does It Work?

SiteGuru is an effective SEO solution that runs free audits and analyzes websites for improvements and usability issues. 

SiteGuru Review

SiteGuru helps to properly optimize websites so that search engines drive more traffic to such sites. 

It helps ensure that components like metadata descriptions, page titles, sitemaps,s and other important things are properly optimized. SiteGuru provides users’ websites with a solid setup and important technical aspects of SEO (redirects, broken pages, language settings) are properly controlled to keep visitors happy and willing to return. 

The tool gives users a complete picture of their site, including the less obvious issues that affect the site underneath. 

Other important features include auditing, content management, dashboard, and link management (to ensure it actually leads to your website).

To use SiteGuru, all users need to enter their website address (SiteGuru can find all websites and does not require any additional code or software installation) and can enjoy SiteGuru for free and provide weekly problem reports.

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SiteGuru Review — Features & Benefits

1. Content Management

SiteGuru helps you manage and make sure that every piece of content on your site is ship-shaped and very well-prepared to meet your target audience. This tool allows you as a subscriber to see how your content is performing across a spectrum of platforms and helps you connect with the sites your competitors are reaching.

2. Keyword Research

SiteGuru has a very advanced keyword tracking and research feature that will help you take your content to the next level.

3. CTR curve calculator

The CTR Curve Calculator is a very clever feature of SiteGuru. It uses your data from Google Search Console to get you huge traffic from Google search pages.

4. Fix Broken Links

SiteGuru’s SEO Audit tool allows you to check your website for annoying 404 error messages and some other SEO issues. It also prompts you for the best possible way to fix it. 

SiteGuru website www. and non-www URLs will help you get rid of those pesky error codes. It also tracks page titles with descriptive metadata for an all-around good service that lets you easily improve your site.

As of the new update, SiteGuru will no longer provide a list of externally broken links. It will continue to scan your internal links and continue to report internal redirects.

5. Checking the Page

Siteguru allows you to check the performance of every single page of your website. It unlocks all elements of your website such as headlines, meta descriptions, titles, broken links, alt text for images, structured data, google analytics, open chart tags, and much more.

With the help of all this information, you can fix your important pages and make them rank higher.

6. Ranking

The ranking is one of the most important features of SiteGuru. It allows you to check your SEO metrics and also allows you to track what ranking you are building on and also improve your SEO goals. Tracking is a must when you are running SEO campaigns.

7. Google Analytics Check

SiteGuru can automatically run a check on your Google Analytics settings and give you some ways to fix it.

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Why Choose SiteGuru?

Improve your search ranking and get more traffic from Google

In-depth SEO analysis: we check everything relevant to SEO: page speed, meta descriptions, page titles, broken links, and sitemaps. We’ll find every problem on your site and tell you how to fix it.

Ease of use: whether you’re an SEO professional, an in-house marketer, or just starting out, our easy-to-use reports will help you instantly improve your search rankings.

Collaborate with colleagues and clients: invite an unlimited number of users to work together on a report

Weekly SEO audits in your inbox so you never miss any issues on your site

Weekly updates on your search performance: no need to check all sorts of tools to stay on top of things.

If you want to improve your website’s SEO and get more search traffic, don’t miss this offer!

SiteGuru Review — Best For

  • Marketer
  • bloggers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Freelance
  • Website owner
  • Small shop
  • Saas

It SiteGuru Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Alternative

SiteGuru Review — Plans & Features

Terms and Conditions

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

SiteGuru Review -Pricing Plans

SiteGuru Appsumo Lifetime Deal One one-time purchase for $69
  • 1 website
  • Up to 500 pages
  • Unlimited users — invite clients and colleagues
  • Export all reports to CSV
  • Download Word reports
  • Stacking information: each additional code = 1 additional site with 500 pages; maximum 10 codes

SiteGuru Review — Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything on my website?

No, our crawler will visit your website as a normal user. No installations or plugins are required.

How do Google Analytics and Search Console integration work?

All you have to do is connect your Google account and we’ll pull the latest SEO performance data from these tools and merge it with the data on SiteGuru. Now you have everything you need to know in one place.

Do I need to be an SEO expert?

Definitely not. SiteGuru reports explain everything you need to know to improve your SEO performance in a way that’s easy to understand even if you’re not an SEO professional. And if you have any further questions, our friendly support is ready to help.

Is SiteGuru for every platform?

We don’t care if you use WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or something custom. We can audit any platform and find SEO issues.

How often do you check my website?

We run an automatic scan every week, but you can manually schedule a new scan at any time. So if you’ve made any changes to your site, run a new check to make sure everything is working.

SiteGuru Review — Conclusion

For businesses of all sizes, SiteGuru is a game-changing tool at a great price. While we mentioned that there are some limitations to SiteGuru, these won’t be obstacles for most users. 

If you’re looking for a tool that lets you quickly spot any issues with your website with quick SEO audits — and you don’t want to pay a fortune — SiteGuru is a great choice in my book.

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