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SentryPC Review — Remotely Monitor, Filter, & Control All User Activity

SentryPC Review

Hey there, Do you want full control over your computer when you’re not around? If yes, then SentryPC is what you need. 

It will allow you to control your computer by restricting access to specific programs and websites completely or by setting a usage time limit for them.

SentryPC is the best employee monitoring software and cloud-based system to easily manage all computers in the organization and employees’ team activities from anywhere at any time. 

That is normally deployed to business networking and easy central log viewing via a central network.

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What Is SentryPC?

SentryPC is a cloud-based monitoring and content-filtering solution that can be used to monitor in-office and remote employee productivity. Businesses can use this solution to ensure employees are focused on appropriate work tasks and projects. 

SentryPC Review

With SentryPC, supervisors and managers can review browsing history, keystrokes, chat conversations, device location, automated device screenshots, plus more.

SentryPC also includes content filtering features for PCs and mobile devices. Schools, parents, and employers can block specified websites, gaming applications, and search terms, as well as set time schedule restrictions. Administrators can choose to receive email alerts for blocked and restricted activities.

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SentryPC Review — Feature & Benefits

1. Cloud-based account

Log in to your secure online account from any web-enabled device to remotely view activity logs and change user settings.

2. Device compatibility

SentryPC is compatible with Android, Chromebook, Mac, and Windows — use SentryPC on all your devices.

3. Top usage reports

View in-depth usage reports detailing what activities are occurring the most and by what users — instantly see which users are most active.

4. Real-time viewing

View user activities in real-time, as they happen, right in front of your eyes — apply user settings instantly to the remote computer.

5. Stealth operation

SentryPC operates in complete stealth unknowingly to users of the computer — optional warning messages can be shown if you wish.

6. Visual charts

Create easy-to-view visual charts from your recorded activities — customize your charts with extensive display and selection options.

7. Activity overviews

Quickly see how active your devices, users, and entire account is at any time without browsing through detailed activity logs.

8. Central management

All blocked activities are recorded in full detail for your viewing — easily see when users attempted an activity that you have filtered/blocked from use.

9. Download archives

All activity logs stored in your cloud account can be downloaded for offline use anytime you wish — filter by devices, users, and time.

10. Easy to use

After SentryPC is installed you never need to access the device again — activity logs and user settings are handled in your web-based account.

11. Free updates

Updates are free for the lifetime of your subscription and can be downloaded at any time — there are no upgrade fees or hidden costs.

Content Filtering Features

1. Applications

Block any application from use entirely or only during specific hours and days you choose.

2. Keystrokes/phrases

Prevent specific keywords and/or phrases from being typed — phone, address, name, etc.

3. Websites

Block any website / URL from use entirely or only during specific hours and days you choose.

4. Security restrictions

Block features such as the control panel, network, task manager, and others from use.

5. Alert notifications

Optionally be alerted by email whenever a filtered activity has been attempted by your users.

Activity Monitoring Features

  • Applications
  • Calls
  • Clipboards
  • Dark web
  • Emails
  • Events
  • Websites
  • Windows
  • Files
  • Portable drives
  • Print jobs
  • Games
  • IP addresses
  • Keystrokes
  • Locations
  • Login & logout
  • Mouse clicks
  • Notifications
  • Social networks
  • Text Messages
  • Online searches
  • Screenshots
  • Sessions

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Geofencing Features

1. Geofence

Create a virtual fence around a ‘home’ address/location with a distance you specify.

2. Accurate location

The geolocation of the computer is constantly updated and viewable in map form.

3. Enter/exit alerts

Alerts are created when the computer enters/exits the geofence you created.

Time Scheduling Features

1. Daily Schedule

Select specific hours for each day of the week the computer can be accessed and used — set a daily maximum usage limit.

2. Weekly Schedule

Create a weekly schedule defining when the computer can be accessed and used — set a weekly maximum usage limit.

3. Activity usage

Easily view how long each user has been using the computer as well as how much time they have left if being limited.

Who is Using SentryPC?

SentryPC is being used in homes, businesses, schools, and many others where activity monitoring, filtering, and scheduling of computer and mobile users is needed.

1. for Business

Monitor employee activity and increase overall productivity.

2. for Family

Protect your children with time restraints and filtering rules.

3. for School

Ensure appropriate use and enforce content restrictions.

Remotely monitor, filter, and control all user activity

SentryPC is a completely cloud-based activity monitoring, content filtering, and time management software wrapped into one. Whether you are a concerned parent looking for parental control software or a business looking for employee monitoring software — SentryPC is your answer!

1. Record their activities

Every activity your users perform on the computer or phone is recorded in real time and in full detail for viewing — you will know precisely what they did and when they did it.

2. Filter their content

Filter applications, games, websites, and keywords for all users — completely block content or choose specific hours of the day it is allowed/blocked for each user.

3. Schedule their usage

Control when the device can be used by creating daily schedules — select what hours of each day usage is allowed and set maximum usage limits for each day or the week.

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SentryPC Review -Pros & Cons


  • SentryPC has extensive features, including geofencing for specific devices.
  • The system can be installed remotely and uninstalled with a single mouse click.
  • The vendor provides free updates for the lifetime of your subscription.
  • SentryPC offers six affordable cloud-based plans for employee monitoring, each costing an annual base fee, with an additional fee if you want more licenses.
  • The software can track portable drive usage, print jobs, clipboard and file activity, website and app usage, employee hours, and locations.
  • The platform has customizable reporting features and real-time alerts.
  • This review is for small business owners considering SentryPC as their employee monitoring software.


  • SentryPC doesn’t work on mobile devices, Chromebooks, or Linux machines.
  • Beyond the standard 500 screenshots, saving another 500 costs $19.95, with no option to purchase fewer than that.

SentryPC Review — Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of users and organization types does SentryPC work with?

SentryPC works with these users and organization types: Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.

Q: What languages does SentryPC support in their product?

SentryPC supports these languages: English.

Q: What type of training does SentryPC provide?

SentryPC provides training in the form of documentation.

Q: How much does SentryPC cost?

Pricing for SentryPC starts at $59.95 per year.

Q: What kind of support options does SentryPC offer?

SentryPC offers support online.

SentryPC Review — Conclusion

SentryPC is the best employee monitoring software for small businesses on a budget because it’s affordable, it’s easily scalable and you’re not bound by user minimums. It offers six cloud-based plans with annual subscription rates that many smaller companies find manageable. 

The software is easy to use, and its features include content filtering and blocking, website and application monitoring, time and activity tracking, and keystroke logging. Its downsides are limited operating system compatibility and a limited number of screenshots.

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