Ammar Deals Review — Is It Worth The Money? Is Placeit Legit?

The Easiest Way to Create Professional Designs for Free! Review

Want to elevate your e-commerce site or small business, but don’t know the first thing about web design, marketing, or video production? 

If so, you’re in the right place; this review will explain why Placeit may be the answer to your problems.

One such way is creating and selling branded products and custom apparel to set your business apart from others.

This is where Placeit comes into its own. This brand enables you to create this kind of merchandise in next-to-no time, without any Photoshop or design experience.

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What Is

Placeit is a cloud-based solution that helps enterprises of all sizes create different branding assets such as logos, videos, banner ads, social media posts, or mockups. Features include predefined templates, multiple file formats, content sharing, filtering, slide preview, and asset tagging. Review

Placeit allows graphic designers to build custom logos with brand names and colors and insert text, resize images, modify fonts, and use various illustrations. It lets professionals prepare slideshow videos using required text, audio tracks, layout colors, and background photos. 

Marketers can use the platform to sell, broadcast, display and distribute content for advertising purposes. Users can also bookmark and save mockups or templates in a personal library.

The solution is available on both monthly and annual subscriptions and support is extended via chat, video tutorials, and email.

As an e-commerce merchant, setting your brand apart is the key to retail success. Using a mockup tool like Placeit (or any of the alternatives) can help you quickly create products and videos that will not only boost engagement with your audience but also increase your online sales. 

With thousands of templates to choose from at affordable prices, you’re only limited by your imagination!

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What Can You Do On Placeit?

Placeit is a multi-faceted online service designed to offer online mockups, video editing, and design templates. The Placeit software aims to create a one-stop shop for design needs and other marketing tools. It does this, by offering a variety of different services that are used by many professionals and amateurs alike, including:

1. Logo Maker Review

Establishing your brand all begins with the logo. How do you want to represent yourself in an engaging, artistic, and compelling way? Rather than hire a graphic designer, and pay boutique designer prices, Placeit made logo design easy with almost 5000 templates used by many people.

2. Mockup Generator Review

Mockups allow the customer to see their branding and logo on an image or product without having actually to purchase the item. Placeit allows users to create realistic mockups of a wide variety of products. Placeit indicates there are as many as 16,000 mockup templates ready for use.

3. Video Templates Review

Creating branded videos can be a challenging experience, especially if you need access to the right software. Placeit saw an opening and pounced. Using their software, it is possible to create polished, finished videos that can be featured on social media and websites.

4. Design Templates Review

Aside from videos, logos, and branding, there are basic business design needs. Business cards and book covers are just the tips of the iceberg. Branding establishes that all-too-important first impression. Placeit is prepared with over 8,300 templates, and they cater to a variety of people.

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Pros of Placeit

  • Placeit is a basic and easy-to-use website for people of all skill levels.
  • Placeit’s free mode is best for new mockup designers or amateurs who want to test out their design creativity.
  • It is quite a cost-effective and flexible tool. There is no contract. You buy it for once and enjoy a whole bunch of mock-up designs.
  • You don’t need to spend money on models or photoshoots to promote T-shirts. With Placeit it is possible to provide a real-life view to your visual customers.
  • Placit is a trendy tool. It updates 600 new tools weekly and grows with brand-new popular trends.
  • Placeit works just as its name suggests. It automatically places the submitted image into the mockup template, resizes it, and allows designers to download and quickly publish easily. Review — Cons

  • Placeit’s free mode is not good for professional mockup designers. Free users only get access to a restricted number of templates. Even while the free library has thousands of templates, it pales compared to the complete library.
  • It might be rather costly for those who are not premium subscribers to Placeit’s membership plan. They must pay per download.
  • If you do not pay for the site, mock-ups and designs will have a watermark or trademark issue, so you can’t freely use them for commercial purposes. You may need to find a watermark business solutions scam.
  • This tool might not be the best option for creating lengthier documents like scrapbooks or magazines.
  • Designers cannot fully modify and customize all templates. The interface of Placeit is less functional and not 100% configurable on all templates. Sometimes after downloading, you may need another tool to redesign.

Who Should Use Placeit?

Placeit is an all-in-one tool that fulfills all your design requirements. I think it would be a highly resourceful platform for freelancers, content creators, YouTubers, advertising teams, musicians, social media marketers, bloggers, and design enthusiasts.

  • Advertisers and Marketers can use the Mockups Tool to design life-like models of their apps and products and get a better insight into their manufacturing. 
  • Bloggers, Content Creators, and YouTubers can use their Logo Maker to design creative logos, YouTube banners, and thumbnails. Whereas, their design tool can be used to create graphics for various platforms. 
  • Musicians and video editors can use its video maker to create intros, outros, presentations, etc.
  • And finally, Gamers can use its Gaming tool to create mascots, OBS Streaming overlays, animated logos, etc.

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Is Review Legit?

Yes, Placeit is legit. Not only has Placeit been around since 2012, but its longevity is also proof of its legitimacy. The reviews of Placeit are also positive, and a vast number of different people and organizations use it.

With such a huge library of options, Placeit should be able to cater to any style of business or dream, but is that really the case? What sort of commitment does Placeit require? And what are the prices if one does commit? Most importantly, is it legit?

Across the web, Placeit garners strong, positive, and recent reviews. This consistently positive feedback suggests that customers who have used the software are pleased. Happy customers speak about being delighted with the ease of the software and Placeit’s customer service.

However, very few services have only happy customers. Common criticisms include suggestions the price is too high, difficulty with editing, lack of options, and irritation with the search function. Review — FAQs

What exactly does Placeit offer?

Placeit offers versatile tools to aid you in your design process. You get the Mockups tool to design attractive models for your brand, merch, apps, etc. The Design tool helps you create graphics for your social media and other marketing assets. 
With the Logo Maker, you can create personalized logos. And finally, the gaming templates collection focuses on assets for YouTubers and Gamers.

How do you cancel your Placeit account?

Your Placeit account can be canceled by contacting their support team through email or phone.

Why eCommerce merchants should use Placeit?

eCommerce merchants can use Placeit to design mockups for their products, create graphics for their social media platforms, and even design professional logos for their brands!

How does Placeit Logo Maker match up to the competition?

The Logo Maker of Placeit looks like a powerful tool. It offers 3k+ creative and highly engaging templates covering various categories.
Along with that, you can also edit and customize your logos to design your perfect brand logo!

What is included in a Placeit subscription?

The Placeit subscription is priced at $14.95/month where you get unlimited access to all images, videos, and logos on Placeit along with unlimited downloads!

Does Placeit have an app?

No, Placeit does not feature an app for mobile devices. However, you can access their website with your mobile browsers.

Does Placeit offer a free trial?

No, Placeit does not offer a free trial, but you get a forever free plan with access to some limited templates and designs.

Should I use Canva or Placeit?

Canva and Placeit are both capable tools. However, Canva is better for designing social media posts and Placeit is best if you want to create product mockups and professional logos.

Can I sell Placeit designs?

Yes, you can sell designs created with Placeit to your clients and charge them a fee for it.

How can you remove the Placeit watermark?

You can remove the Placeit watermark from all assets by purchasing its annual subscription which costs $14.95/month. Review — Conclusion

Placeit allows graphic designers to build custom logos with brand names and colors and insert text, resize images, modify fonts, and use various illustrations.

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