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Pipio Review — Turn Your Text Into Videos In Minutes

Create videos from scripts or blog posts with realistic voices in 2 minutes with Pipio!

Pipio Review

A realistic text-to-speech and text-to-video converter that helps you create audio and video content using AI voices in less than a minute. Create realistic voiceovers for YouTube, educational, marketing, training videos, and more with our largest collection of over 100 AI voices.

Finally, AI text-to-speech software that doesn’t sound like a robot voice from 20 years ago.

In fact, Pipio is so advanced that you can create videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more from just text right on their platform.

Read our Pipio review to find out if this AI text-to-speech software with video and audio generation software is worth it.

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Pipio Review — Use Cases

  • One-Stop text-to-video solution with so many features packed along with the best user experience.
  • Create personalized video content with realistic AI avatars and text-to-speech
  • Create personalized videos with photorealistic digital actors and talented voices
  • Customize your text-to-speech script, record audio files, and create your own video content in 79 languages
  • Choose from dozens of AI actors of different genders, races, ages, and ethnicities.

What Is Pipio?

Pipio is a text-to-video platform that allows users to create personalized video content with realistic AI avatars.

Pipio Review

Now you can cast photorealistic virtual actors in your videos without having to worry about casting calls and tight budgets.

Search AI avatars across different ages, ethnicities, genders, and races to find the perfect brand ambassador.

Not only can you choose from a diverse list of actors, but you can also preview dialogue and vocal performances and optimize scripts.

You can adjust the pitch, speed, volume, and pronunciation to fine-tune the virtual actor’s vocal performance.

Pipio allows you to add music and various elements on the screen, including your own text, colors, and shapes.

Plus, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of images and backgrounds — or upload your own.

Pipio makes it easy to create personalized video content with realistic virtual actors to put a friendly face on your brand.

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How Does Pipio Work?

Learn how you can start creating videos with your own actors and voice in minutes. All you need is a script.

1. Select an Actor

Choose from our extensive library of unique digital avatars to deliver your message and connect with your target audience. Click on one of the actors to view a sample video below.

2. Find Your Voice

Experiment with several digital voices until you find one that fits your message. Whether it’s finding the perfect tone or style, finding the right voice can help create a connection, give your brand personality, and build trust with your audience.

3. Enter Your Script

Add and edit your script to create your actor’s speech or voice in real time. Replays and heavy editing are now a thing of the past, giving you the freedom and flexibility to insert new dialogue, adjust pronunciation, or even change your character’s language, gender, or ethnicity based on your audience.

4. Add Some Style

At Pipio, it’s easy to bring your video or voice-over to life with a wide range of custom-designed backgrounds, seductive visuals, and captivating music to elevate and personalize your content.

5. Export your video

Export your digital actor, voice-over, or video to your favorite post-production software for further editing or sharing on social networks. It’s never been easier to create engaging content from your laptop. 

Click the sound icon to unmute the video and listen to your actor’s performance.

Pipio Review — Plans and Features

Terms and Conditions

  • Lifetime access to Pipio Appsumo Deals Today!
  • All future premium plan updates
  • No codes, no folding — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license levels
  • Optional add-on: 5 extra credits for $5
  • Optional: Custom Avatar for $250 (instead of $1,000)

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features included in all plans
  • Access to 54 digital actors
  • 650+ digital voices
  • 62 premium text-to-speech voices
  • 140+ unique languages
  • HD resolution 1080p+
  • Record a voice file

Pipio Review — Pricing Plans

It Pipio Appsumo Lifetime Deals Comes With Three-time Pricing Plans

License Tier 1, License Tier 2, & 3.
Pipio Review

Pipio Review — FAQ

Q: What kinds of users and types of organizations does Pipio work with?

Pipio works with the following users and types of organizations: medium-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profit organizations, and the government.

Q: Does Pipio have an API?

Yes, Pipio has an API.

Q: What languages ​​does Pipio support in its product?

Pipio supports the following languages: English.

Q: What support options does Pipio offer?

Pipio offers support through business hours and online.

Q: What type of training does Pipio provide?

Pipio provides training in the form of documentation and videos.

Q: Does Pipio offer a free trial?

Yes, Pipio offers a free trial.

Q: How much does Pipio cost?

Pricing for Pipio starts at $49 for lifetime deals.

Pipio Review — Conclusion

AI can help scale video production across businesses by using AI-powered actors and voices to create cost-effective, high-quality, and customizable movies.

Using AI to personalize videos means you can generate more leads and ultimately more sales with just one click.

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