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Pagescreen Review – Monitor Visual Site Changes 24/7

Monitor Visual Changes On Any Website & Archive Every Screenshot

Pagescreen Review

Pagescreen Review — Pagescreen is a web page change tracking platform for capturing and archiving visual copies of web pages. With Pagescreen’s screenshot automation and change detection technologies, users can easily monitor their competitors’ websites and gather relevant information.

Like anything else on the Internet, web trends are “in” one day and “out” the next.

Your average web monitoring tools can’t track every landing page version, which means your web content is constantly falling behind.

But what if there was an automated tool to help you capture every update of your website’s visual changes over time?

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Pagescreen Review — TL;DR

  • Automatically capture and archive visual copies of web pages at any screen size and compare changes over time
  • Get custom change notifications via email or Slack and analyze historical data with team members in one place

What Is Pagescreen & How Does It Work?

Pagescreen is an automatic website monitor that allows you to capture, compare and archive the visual changes of any website over time.

Pagescreen allows you to get real-time information about website updates, monitor competitor content, and perform quality assurance analysis on your landing pages.

Just enter the URL you want to track and schedule screenshots at custom intervals, such as specific times and days of the week.

When any change is detected, you can automatically generate a pixel-perfect visual copy for all screen sizes and devices.

1. Website Monitoring

Pagescreen Review

Schedule automated screenshots of any URL to track website changes.

Pagescreen allows you to track multiple sites at once by adding individual URLs to follow or bulk uploading a larger list.

And for each page, you can get custom notifications of new changes via email, webhooks, or messaging apps like Slack.

You’ll also be able to compare screenshots in different modes such as side-by-side, overlays, and before-and-after views.

In this way, you can easily follow the visual history of the site over time and stay up to date with the latest changes.

2. Website Comparison

Pagescreen Review

Get notified of website changes and compare screenshots in different modes.

Pagescreen also lets you create visual collections to easily organize all your desktop and mobile screenshots.

You will be able to filter screenshots by date, size, or change percentage and analyze the development of any website.

This means you’ll have a centralized place to collect business information that’s GDPR compliant and completely secure from third-party tracking.

3. Capture Search

Pagescreen Review

Organize screenshots into collections and use advanced filters to browse the archive.

To make things even more convenient, Pagescreen can be integrated into any workflow using built-in APIs and webhooks.

You will be able to automate quality analysis and version control to improve the continuous testing of any website.

Plus, you can keep up with release notes, announcements, and external documentation for third-party sites in larger ecosystems.

4. Automation API

Pagescreen Review

Use Pagescreen’s built-in APIs to track site changes on autopilot.

Without understanding web development, tracking visual change isn’t always very helpful.

Good thing Pagescreen captures every version of a web page over time and allows you to archive every screenshot for future reference.

Stay ahead.

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Pagescreen Review — Best For

  • Merchants
  • Marketing agencies
  • SaaS

Pagescreen Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Alternative


  • API
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Webhooks


  • GDPR Compliant

Pagescreen Review — Plans and Features

Terms & Conditions

  • Lifetime access to Pagescreen Appsumo Lifetime Deal
  • All future team plan updates
  • No codes, no folding — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license levels
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Only for new Pagescreen users who do not have existing accounts
60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features Included In All Plans

  • Unlimited URLs and monitoring
  • Minimum clock frequency
  • Change notification
  • Webhook and Slack integration
  • Rest API and Screenshot API
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Pagescreen Review — Pricing Plans

Pagescreen Appsumo Lifetime Deal Comes With Three-Time Pricing Plans

License Tier 1, License Tier 2, & 3.

Pagescreen Review

Pagescreen Review — Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pagescreen cost?

Price not stated.
Free trial: Yes

Who are typical Pagescreen users?

Pagescreen has the following typical customers: startups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises

Which mobile platforms does Pagescreen support?

Note: We will update you soon

What operating system does Pagescreen support?

Pagescreen supports the following operating system: Web App, Windows

What payment method does Pagescreen support?

Pagescreen supports the following payment methods: Monthly, Yearly

What is the deployment type?

Pagescreen has a cloud deployment.

What types of users and organizations do Pagescreen work with?

Pagescreen works with the following users and types of organizations: mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and government.

What languages ​​does Pagescreen support in their product?

Pagescreen supports the following languages: English.

What support options does Pagescreen offer?

Pagescreen offers online support.

What type of training does Pagescreen provide?

Pagescreen provides training in the form of documentation.

Does Pagescreen offer a free trial?

Yes, Pagescreen offers a free trial.

Pagescreen Review — Conclusion

It is a full-featured website monitoring software designed to serve startups and enterprises. Pagescreen provides comprehensive solutions designed for web applications. This online website monitoring system offers real-time monitoring and event-based notifications in one place.

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Monitor Visual Changes On Any Website & Archive Every Screenshot.

Pagescreen Review

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