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Nudgify Review – Show Your Most Recent Reviews Automatically

Nudgify Increases Your Conversion Rate By Doing The Real Activity

Nudgify Review — Increase your sales and registrations with social proof and FOMO notifications based on real-time data.

Most websites struggle to convert visitors into customers — and that means most of your marketing budget is wasted.

Showing how popular you are with social proof and FOMO notifications helps build trust and urgency in a natural way.

However, Nudgify is more than a simple social proof or FOMO app.

With this product, you can choose from a library of powerful notifications, and each one turns real-time data into a powerful purchase trigger.

You can even create custom alerts to improve user experience (UX) on problematic pages.

Nudgify gives you control over the timing, appearance, and sequences of your Nudges.

It works in more than 30 languages ​​and integrates with hundreds of apps and displays different types of activities.

This versatility makes Nudgify a user-friendly option that improves both conversions and customer experience.

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Nudgify Review — TL;DR

  • Choose from a library of social proof, FOMO, and push notifications
  • Control the appearance, order, and timing of your pokes
  • Combine Nudgify with hundreds of different apps to view customer activity

What Is Nudgify?

Nudgify is a Social Proof & Fomo App Tool that seamlessly integrates with an e-Commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Nudgify Review

Nudges turn live data into Social Proof and Sales Pop notifications, such as recent sales, and live visitors, but also Google and TrustPilot reviews. Adding real-world context to your online business will help you build trust and increase conversions. More than a simple Social Proof App (cf. ProveSource, CartKit, Proof Pulse) it goes beyond Social Proof.

Nudges turn live data into Social Proof and Sales Pop notifications, such as recent sales, and live visitors, but also Google and TrustPilot reviews. Adding real-world context to your online business will help you build trust and increase conversions.

How To Increase Sales With Customer Reviews

The most successful e-commerce, travel, and real estate websites use customer reviews to drive them
even more sales. Sites like Amazon, Booking, and Purple Bricks display widgets for reviews and rating
widgets. Nudgify allows you to create the same social proof without touching any code.

1. e-commerce website

E-commerce sites display the latest reviews on every product page. Reviews build trust and answer all the questions that pictures and descriptions don’t.

Nudgify automatically adds the latest reviews to your product pages.

2. Travel website

Travel websites display reviews on their catalog pages and during the purchase process.

Reviews help customers choose from many options and reassure them once they’ve made their choice.

3. Real estate websites

Real estate websites display reviews on their landing pages to build trust in their services.

Reviews help show clients that the website will help them buy or sell their homes quickly.

Features & Benefits

Our software is built on consumer psychology
to convert more visitors into buyers

1. Drag & drop the workspace

Easily create sequences with Stream builder

2. The Nudge Library

Choose from a menu of pre-made templates

3. Unlimited variations

Create as many different pokes as you want

4. Powerful integrations

Combine Nudgify with other tools to create powerful Nudges

5. Live data communication

Show customers exactly what’s happening as they walk through

6. Interactive Nudge feature

Use clickable elements to make your Nudges interactive

Nudgify Appsumo Lifetime Deal — Popular Features

  • Nudgify comes with a built-in analytics dashboard and allows you to set conversion goals. This allows you to track how your reminders are contributing to your business goals.
  • With the advanced settings provided by Nudgify, you can choose the theme, colors, and position for your Nudges. You can also put them in a loop, create a speed sequence or set your own timing.
  • Nudgify works in more than 30 languages ​​and you can easily choose the best one for your visitors
  • Adding links to your own reminders means you can add cross-sells and calls-to-action to any page

Nudgify Review — Best For

  • ECommerce
  • Merchants
  • Product managers

Its Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Alternative

Nudgify Review — Plans & Features

60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you

Nudgify Review — Pricing plans

Its Appsumo Lifetime Deal Comes With One-Time Pricing Plans

Nudgify Appsumo Lifetime Deal One-time purchase for $279

  • 100,000 unique visitors/month
  • Unlimited pokes
  • Unlimited websites
  • Customized nudging
  • Popularity nudges
  • Last Login Nudges
  • 30+ languages
  • Target URL
  • Analytics panel
  • Conversion goals
  • Remove branding

Nudgify Review — FAQ

Does Nudgify integrate with other apps?

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento 2
  • PrestaShop
  • BigCommerce
  • PayPal
  • Strip
  • Mailchimp
  • Google reviews
  • Trustpilot
  • Capterra
  • Zapier
  • Active campaign
  • Eventbrite

What platforms does Nudgify support?

Nudgify can be used on any website that can implement our JS Pixel into the website code. WordPress site owners (including WooCommerce) can install Nudgify using our WordPress plugin. Shopify store owners can use our native Shopify app. Magento store owners can use our Magento extension. PrestaShop store owners can use our PrestaShop plugin. BigCommerce users can add an app from the BigCommerce Marketplace.

Does Nudgify offer an API?


Does Nudgify offer a multi-user option (eg teams)?


What is Nudgify generally used for?

It is used to increase conversion rates and improve visitor engagement.

Who are the main user groups of Nudgify?

Nudgify is for anyone who wants to engage their website visitors and get more sales or registrations (SaaS, eCommerce, Services, Retail, Travel, Bloggers). The main users of Nudgify are webshop owners.

Does Nudgify offer guides, tutorials, or customer support?

Nudgify offers live in-app customer support as well as comprehensive documentation.

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Increases Your Conversion Rate By Doing The Real Activity.

Nudgify Review

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