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Hubspot CRM Reviews — Streamline Your Entire Business With A Free CRM

Hubspot CRM Reviews

If you’re looking for an all-in-one CRM platform that meets the needs of small businesses, look no further than HubSpot. With its intuitive user experience, powerful features, and scalability, HubSpot is the best CRM choice for small and scaling businesses.

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What Is Hubspot CRM?

HubSpot Sales Hub is sales software that helps you close deals more efficiently. It provides all the tools you need to streamline your sales process, engage better with prospects, and increase your revenue. 

Sales Hub is automatically backed by the all-in-one HubSpot CRM, so you can align your sales and marketing team. It’s easy to use and enables you to spend less time on outreach, qualifying leads, and follow-ups — and more time focusing on your customers.

Hubspot CRM Reviews — Features & Benefits

Not only does HubSpot have an intuitive user experience but this CRM also has powerful features designed specifically with small businesses in mind. Features such as contact management and lead scoring enables you to easily manage your contacts and leads while getting real-time insights into customer behavior. 

Hubspot CRM Reviews

Additionally, HubSpot provides powerful analytics and reporting so your team can track their progress over time and uncover improvement opportunities. Automation features also make it easier to keep customers engaged by automating outreach such as emails or live chats; this helps ensure that your customers are getting the timely support they need without extra effort on your end.

1. Pipeline Management

Add deals to a custom pipeline so you can easily assign tasks to your team, prioritize sales activities, track prospects, and predict future revenue.

2. Live Chat & Bots

By connecting with website visitors in real-time, you can qualify inbound leads, route chats to the right salesperson, and ultimately shorten sales cycles.

3. User-Friendly Experience

One of HubSpot’s key advantages over other CRMs is its user experience. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to quickly find the information you need without a steep learning curve or extra training.

4. Meeting Scheduling

Instead of wasting time emailing back and forth, you can simply share a link with your prospects and customers that shows a calendar with your availability.

5. Email Templates, Tracking & Notifications

Create email templates that have personalization tokens, so your whole team can communicate with prospects in a fast, consistent, and personalized manner. 

Track your emails and get notified when prospects open or click them. Then you can follow up when the time is right and close deals in half the time.

6. Documents

Save sales documents in your HubSpot portal so everyone on your team can easily add them to their emails as attachments. Then follow up with prospects when they interact with your content. The right sales content at the right time can turn prospects into customers.

7. Customizable Quotes

Create and share quotes with prospects while your product is still on their mind. You can pull in contact and company information directly from your CRM, so you don’t have to switch between software systems.

8. Calling SDK

Integrate VOIP providers like AirCall with HubSpot to keep track of all your calls. You can take notes during calls and save call details to contacts’ timelines so the rest of your team has visibility.

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More Benefits of Using HubSpot’s Free Marketing Tools and CRM:

  • HubSpot’s marketing tools integrate with the rest of the CRM platform — which makes creating and analyzing marketing campaigns easier.
  • HubSpot’s free marketing tools in conjunction with its powerful CRM allow you to target the right audience, attract more website visitors, and retain more customers.
  • With HubSpot’s data collection and tracking, you can access quantifiable and actionable marketing insights. No more making decisions based on assumptions.
  • When you know how your contacts have interacted with your brand, the possible marketing strategies are endless. 
  • You can use the collected data on your contacts — like form submissions, chat inquiries, emails, and more — to set up email nurture campaigns based on your contacts’ interests.

Want to take your marketing to the next level? Get started with HubSpot Marketing Free.

Hubspot CRM Reviews — Pros & Cons


  • Core CRM software is free
  • Real-time lead behaviors notification
  • Personalized email sequences for leads as well as existing customers
  • Competitive free-forever plan
  • Simple to use and understand
  • Over 300 third-party app integrations


  • Per-user plans can get expensive for small businesses
  • Only one email per contact
  • No telephone support with the free plan

Hubspot CRM Reviews — Pricing Plans

HubSpot’s CRM is 100% free to use (really). For free, you can store and manage up to 1,000,000 contacts without any restrictions on user or customer data.

All in all, when choosing a CRM platform for your business, there is no better choice than HubSpot — everything you need is in one place! From an intuitive user interface and powerful features to scalability and multiple integration options, HubSpot gives businesses everything they need at every stage of development without sacrificing quality or ease of use. 

Whether you’re just starting out or already growing, try HubSpot today for free!

Hubspot CRM Reviews — FAQ

What is Hubspot CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Software that helps businesses organize, manage and maintain relationships with their customers and prospects.

Does my business need a CRM?

If you sell products or provide services, you have customers with whom you need to communicate regularly. You may need a CRM to manage those interactions and help your business grow. CRM also helps in managing activities leading to business growth.

Can Small Businesses Use CRM?

absolutely. Although there are many types of CRM for different groups or needs, they are mostly used by sales teams. Find the best marketing CRM software that focuses on tools to automate marketing campaigns or in-app communication tools like clicks and calls.

Hubspot CRM Reviews — Conclusion

HubSpot’s ticketing tool provides an automated solution so your customer service team can help customers faster than ever before. When a customer submits a request or issue regardless of channel (form, email, or live chat), HubSpot can automatically create a ticket. 

You can then route your ticket to the right person on your team for quality support.

Get Instant Access To Hubspot CRM Today For Free!


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