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Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Publish Content With An API First.

auto-generate compliant APIs to proportion content material across channels and structures

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal- You need your content to be shareable, but your CMS won’t play best with different channels. (“It’s giving Sid from Toy tale, right down to destroying all of your stuff.”)

meaning you can’t redesign your internet site or combine it with different equipment without counting on a 1/3-party API guide.

however what if you could without difficulty construct content material APIs to share and integrate assets everywhere—minus the heavy coding?

Get Instant Access To Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!

What Is Flotiq?

Flotiq is an API-first content material management platform that works with any technology, framework, and language. We decided to clear up not unusual content workflow problems by means of developing a device that makes collaboration simpler.

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Bridging the worlds of developers and content material managers together, we help them work extra successfully and attain that not unusual glide which simply receives matters achieved.

truly specify your facts version and our controlled platform will address all its complexity. Get started out using the API quickly with the generated SDK. Prototype and take off with your undertaking faster!


  • Create content with Jamstack mission templates and leverage shareable API medical doctors, sandboxes, and SDKs
  • opportunity to: Contentful, Strapi, and Netlify
  • Use webhooks and OpenAPI-compliant endpoints to integrate your content with tons of gear like Zapier and power Platform
  • fine for: builders, creators, and web designers looking for a CMS to repurpose and combine digital content with custom APIs

How Does Flotiq Work?

Flotiq is a headless CMS that lets your teams create and share content material throughout a couple of channels with car-generated, compliant APIs.

Flotiq facilitates you to share crucial content inside your employer, between groups, or across systems, with the usage of an OpenAPI-first CMS.

simply specify your statistics model or content material sorts, and the platform will automatically build a custom API that lets you start sharing properly away.

Create API keys that outline API get right of entry inside your corporation so that you can allow or restrict consumer permissions in just a few clicks.

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal
With Flotiq, your teams can define the content and put up it everywhere with automobile-generated APIs.

After adding new content types to the system, you’ll have instant get entry to features that assist you to distribute content internally and throughout the web.

Flotiq will robotically set up OpenAPI-compliant endpoints and create webhooks that combine with platforms like Zapier, Microsoft strength Platform, and Postman.

you could effortlessly put up API documentation, sandboxes, and SDK code programs for your developers.

Your IDE will be capable of at once consolidating all the code, which means no heavy lifting on your devs and content material group.

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal
Flotiq vehicle-generates code that lets you combine with different equipment, taking CMS functionality to the following level.

Flotiq enables you to create new content material with tons of free starters and boilerplates for Jamstack initiatives, without any extra coding.

discover templates for weblog posts, online stores, portfolios, and event calendars. There are even templates for growing iOS and Android apps!

You’ll be capable of creating and putting up complex paperwork on the way to mechanically replace if you redefine the content kind.

Or you can even build your personal content material from scratch if your group’s already inside the groove of things.

Get Instant Access To Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!

Why might you operate Flotiq?

Flotiq is a platform for quick creating and sharing content material with Jamstack project templates, shareable API docs, sandboxes, and SDKs. you could use Flotiq to get your projects up and running fast while not having to worry approximately configuring servers or writing any code.

Flotiq additionally helps you to easily connect with lots of equipment like Zapier and the Power Platform. With Flotiq, you could fast and easily create integrations among your content material and other equipment and services.

you can additionally get the high-quality lifetime offers on Flotiq. The Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal offers a huge bargain on the regular price of Flotiq.

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Features

1. percentage critical content material:

one of the key advantages of Flotiq is that it uses an OpenAPI-first CMS. because of this you may easily create and control your content material with the usage of code.

Flotiq is a cloud-based totally platform that permits users to fast create and share custom APIs. there’s no need to specify your data version or content material kinds, as Flotiq will mechanically construct a custom API for you. This makes it clean to get began sharing facts with others.

2. Create API Keys In only a few Clicks:

Flotiq offers a ramification of methods to create and control API keys with only some clicks. you may create person keys for unique customers or organizations of customers after which determine what permissions every key has. This gives you the flexibility to supply certain customers with extra get entry than others or to speedy revoke get an entry for any person.

you may additionally create whitelisted IP addresses, in an effort to allow access most effective from those unique addresses.

4. Flotiq Makes It smooth to hook up with famous structures:

in case you’re like most agencies, you’re seeking out ways to automate the tedious and time-ingesting obligations that consume your day. That’s in which Flotiq is available. Flotiq is an API platform that automates the setup and control of your APIs.

With Flotiq, you may create OpenAPI-compliant endpoints with only a few clicks and then set up webhooks to integrate with platforms like Zapier and Microsoft strength Platform.

Plus, Flotiq’s built-in analytics helps you to tune usage and overall performance so that you can constantly optimize your APIs. equipped to take your business to the next level? Get commenced with Flotiq appsumo lifetime deal today!.

5. publish Your API doctors In Seconds:

one of the blessings of the usage of Flotiq is that you may without problems publish API documentation, sandboxes, and SDK code programs for your developers. This makes it smooth for them to get began the usage of your API and begin developing programs.

you may additionally use the Flotiq lifetime deal to manipulate your API’s lifecycle, along with publishing new versions and retiring antique ones.

6. Consolidate Code in no time along with your IDE:

The code for your internet site is written as soon as, however, it needs to be up to date and maintained constantly. this can be a large job to your improvement team, but with Flotiq, they are able to effortlessly manage and update your website’s code from a significant vicinity.

Flotiq automatically consolidates all of the code for your website, so there’s no need to your devs to do any heavy lifting. And since the code is constantly updated, you may relaxation assured that your website is walking smoothly.

The content material team also can without problems make adjustments to the website with out ready on the builders. With Flotiq, all and sundry for your agency can work together to maintain your internet site looking splendid.

7. No extra Coding needed-Flotiq Makes It smooth:

in case you’re seeking to create a new Jamstack project, the Flotiq Appsumo lifetime deal is the appropriate place to begin. With lots of unfastened starters and boilerplates, you could get your challenge up and walk with no greater coding.

Plus, Flotiq lifetime deal makes it clean to create custom content material without any headaches. you could also easily add new functionality with only some clicks. So if you’re prepared to jump begin together with your next Jamstack mission, make certain to test out the Flotiq Appsumo lifetime deal.

8. Get Started With stylish Templates:

With Flotiq you could use templates for developing expert-looking blogs, online shops, portfolios, and occasion calendars. There are even templates for growing iOS and Android apps!

the use of the templates is straightforward and customizable so that you can create a completely unique internet site or app that reflects your character or logo.

9. complex paperwork That replaces On Their personal:

You’ll be able to create and put up complex paperwork with the intention to automatically update in case you redefine the content kind. which means that you received’t should fear developing a brand new shape whenever you want to change the content type.

With Flotiq Appsumo offers, you can create as much paperwork as you need and keep them updated with only a few clicks.

10. cut development Time and costs with Jamstack:

Host content on the Flotiq platform and stop worrying about outdoor servers. this modern Jamstack technique lowers fees, will increase safety, and hurries up.

third-birthday party offerings can gradually down your website, cost you extra money, and leave your records liable to assault. Flotiq Appsumo deals provide a higher manner: host your content on their platform and forestall annoying outdoor servers. Their Jamstack method is faster, more at ease, and greater low-cost than traditional website hosting answers.

11. give Your group an extraordinary-easy, modern-day UI:

one of the blessings of the usage of Flotiq is that you may provide your team with a fantastic-easy, contemporary UI that lets them get entry to content material versioning, superior seek filters, and customizable records perspectives. this could assist them in paintings smarter and quicker.

moreover, Flotiq makes it smooth to maintain tune of who made changes to precise files and when.

12. effortlessly pass Your content With Their useful Migration device:

if you want to transport your content material over from a much less dynamic CMS, just use the migration tool to transfer heaps of pages very quickly. Flotiq has all of the functions you need to make your internet site appearance wonderful and characteristic easily, with none of the hassles that come with other CMS platforms.

Plans & Features

Deal terms & situations

  • Lifetime get right of entry to Flotiq
  • All future seasoned Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just select the plan that’s right for you
  • You need to activate your license within 60 days of buy
  • capability to improve or downgrade between 4 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
60-day cash-returned assure. strive it out for two months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features Included In All Plans

  • Royalty-unfastened photographs
  • picture resizing and optimization
  • Relation builder
  • integrated content material versioning
  • limitless object types
  • custom API
  • API publishing
  • API sandbox
  • Scoped API docs
  • complete-text search
  • automatic SDK
  • Webhooks
  • Integrations (Zapier, Gatsby, Snipcart, Netlify, Postman)

Flotiq Pricing Plans

Flotiq Comes With Three Time Pricing Plans

License Tier 1, License Tier 2, And 3

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Flotiq Top Alternative

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal FAQ

Q: What forms of users and organization kinds does Flotiq work with?

Flotiq works with those customers and company sorts: Mid-length businesses, Small commercial enterprises, corporations, Freelance, Nonprofit, and government.

Q: What languages does Flotiq assist with their product?

Flotiq supports those languages: English and varnish.

Q: What type of assist alternatives does Flotiq offer?

Flotiq offers aid online.

Q: What different applications or offerings does Flotiq combine?

Flotiq integrates with AWS certificate manager, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Gatsby, Google docs, Google Sheets, GraphQL, Pipedrive, Postman, Microsoft electricity Apps, Trello, and Zapier.

Q: What sort of education does Flotiq offer?

Flotiq affords education inside the shape of documentation, stays online, and is in character.

Q: How an awful lot does Flotiq value?

Pricing for Flotiq starts at 0.

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Conclusion

In conclusion, Flotiq is an incredible desire for a headless CMS. It’s clean to apply and we could your teams to create and share content material throughout multiple channels.

Plus, its automobile-generated, compliant APIs make it an incredible alternative for businesses that need to connect with different structures.

Don’t wait to any extent further to grab your replica!

Get Instant Access To Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!

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Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Flotiq Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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