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ExpoSim Review — Launch No-Code Virtual Events With ExpoSim

Host Dynamic Virtual Events With Real-Time Interactive Features & Engagement Analytics.

ExpoSim Review

It’s hard to host fun and engaging virtual events when you’re stuck with basic meeting software.

Limited technology isn’t just for your guests, it also makes it impossible to coordinate hybrid-style events that have parallel moving parts.

Imagine if there was a platform that would allow you to host unique virtual and hybrid events without any organizational hassles.

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ExpoSim Review— TL;DR

  • Live stream your event to thousands of attendees at once.
  • Set up virtual or hybrid events and bring them to life with real-time interactive features
  • Showcase products and services in eye-catching booths that allow visitors to interact in real-time.
  • Host multiple live sessions at once and get detailed engagement analytics
  • View all your user data and event analytics in one dashboard.
  • Fully customize your place, complete with a white label.

What is ExpoSim and how does it work?

ExpoSim is a comprehensive solution for hosting virtual and hybrid events — full of interactive features and real-time user analytics.

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With ExpoSim, you can set up unique virtual events in minutes with a code-free tool that lets you manage everything from registration to design.

View user data and engagement analytics right from your dashboard to understand attendee behavior at specific events and booths.

You’ll also be able to incorporate a range of marketing and interaction tools, including live notifications, polls, and video calls.

ExpoSim allows you to manage multiple live sessions at once, making it easy to host large events.

Host up to 10 parallel tracks, 100+ booths, and thousands of attendees and offer them all a live virtual experience.

Best of all, you can host hybrid events with an interactive mobile app that allows physical and virtual attendees to communicate seamlessly.

You want your virtual events to look out of this world — so some cheesy Zoom background just won’t cut it.

Fortunately, ExpoSim gives you everything you need to customize and manage dynamic virtual and hybrid events from a single platform.

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ExpoSim Review— Features and Benefits

1. 100% Customizable No-Code Platform

Our goal is to offer you a platform that allows you to create, host, and measure virtual events with maximum ease, efficiency, and minimum friction.

  1. Custom design
  2. Bring your sponsors
  3. 3D exhibition
  4. Schedule meetings

2. A Virtual Event Platform Designed to Engage & Impress!

Upgrade your audience engagement with highly interactive features that make your virtual event stand out.

  1. Polls, reactions, raise your hand
  2. Live interactions
  3. Analyze your event data
  4. Inform the audience

Make Your Events More Interactive & Lively.

Take your business/brand from a conventional way to a modern and systematic approach that offers comprehensive customization features to make every event unique, without the need for any technical knowledge.

Take advantage of unique features like Metaverse, Networking Lounge, Polls, Q&A, and multiple networking channels that make it easy to bring real-world experiences to your audience while sitting in their convenient seat.

  • Get the most out of large events by hosting multiple concurrent live sessions such as up to 10 parallel tracks, 100+ booths, and thousands of attendees asynchronously.
  • Provide your organizers with integrated QR code registration for offline and online audiences, as well as attendee tracking and management with full-featured analytics.
  • Use live video call and chat features to make the interaction between exhibitors and attendees more convenient.
  • Increase event audience engagement with Gamification, Selfie Zone, leaderboards, and quizzes, and capture measurable insights across your community with a shared digital experience.
  • The ExpoSim mobile app allows your audience to switch between booths and auditoriums as needed and chat with speakers and exhibitors.

What’s so Special About it?

It’s no secret that the world is moving to virtual and hybrid events that are more convenient for spectators and more cost-effective for organizers. However, this planning takes time and resources. 

Accordingly, ExpoSim helps you get the most out of your event while saving you time and money.

From registration form fields to registration confirmation messages to registration and reminder emails, ExpoSim lets you customize every minute detail of your event. As an added benefit, ExpoSim offers a complete white labeling solution so organizers can highlight their brand or business — including email, domain, etc.
A one-stop solution for all your virtual event needs.

Built with fully customizable, no-code, DIY features, ExpoSim presents a set of microservices that help organizers manage their complex virtual and hybrid events such as webinars, conferences, town halls, interactive B2B meetings, and virtual jobs. Trade shows, fairs, networking events, etc.

ExpoSim Review— Best for

  • Freelance
  • Event organizers
  • Merchants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Website owner
  • Blogger
  • Businessman

It ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal Top Alternative

ExpoSim Review— Plans and features

Terms and Conditions

  • Lifetime access to ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deals Today!
  • All future business plan updates
  • No codes, no folding — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license levels
  • Only for new ExpoSim users who do not have existing accounts
  • Optional Add-on: $1 for each additional registrant after the monthly total is met
60-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Features included in all plans

  • Unlimited events per month
  • Unlimited concurrent actions
  • Unlimited registrations per month
  • DIY dashboard
  • Customizable landing page
  • Group chat of participants
  • Question and answer surveys
  • Registration reminder e-mail
  • Booth is chatting
  • Stream from Zoom, Webex and CustomRTMP
  • Event analysis and visit analysis
  • Sponsor brand
  • Availability of data after the event

ExpoSim Review — Pricing Plans

ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal Comes With Three-Time Pricing Plans

License Tier 1, License Tier 2, & 3.

ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal license Tier 1 One-time purchase for $99
  • All the above features are included
  • 1 place of administrator
  • 1000 unique subscribers per month
  • 250 concurrent users per event
  • 24 hours duration of the event
  • 5 sponsor stands
  • Data availability 3 days after the event
It ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal license Tier 2 One-time purchase for $199
  • All the above features are included
  • 2 administrator positions
  • 2000 unique visitors per month
  • 500 concurrent users per event
  • Event duration 48 hours
  • 10 sponsor stands
  • Data availability 5 days after the event
ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal license Tier 3 One-time purchase for $299
  • All the above features are included
  • 5 administrative positions
  • 3000 unique visitors per month
  • 800 concurrent users per event
  • Event duration 72 hours
  • 15 sponsor stands
  • Data availability 10 days after the event
  • White markings

ExpoSim Review — FAQ

What is the number of concurrent users per event?

Concurrent User per Event is the total number of users that can be live in any event at the same time.

What are sponsor booths?

Sponsor stands are the number of stands you can have at each event and which can also be used for exhibitors.

How many unique subscribers per month?

Monthly Unique Attendees is the total number of unique attendees who attend all of your events during the month. For example, if you have 4 events per month and each event has 250 unique attendees, your total unique attendees per month will be 1000.

How will streaming work?

You can stream directly to the platform using external meeting platforms like Zoom or Webex. You can also stream using your own RTMP.

ExpoSim Review — Conclusion

ExpoSim’s virtual event platform focuses on empowering businesses by offering them an easy, code-free DIY platform. Our platform helps you hyper-personalize your event while giving you a wealth of options to engage your audience. — 100% customizable according to your event — Real-time event analysis. Also accurate post-event analysis — Audience engagement tools including networking lounge, selfie zone, 1:1 meetings — User-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard for quick event setup — Scalable

Get Instant Access To ExpoSim Appsumo Lifetime Deal Today!

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