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Envato Market Review — Is It The Best & Worth Your Money?

Envato Market Review

Hey there, are you Planning to buy premium WordPress themes & Plugins? If so, your search probably ends here. Today, we will review Envato Market, the largest marketplace for stunning WordPress themes and plugins.

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What Is Envato Market?

Envato Market is an all-in-one place to buy high-quality website themes, WordPress plugins, graphic assets, royalty-free images, and more. It features millions of products in different categories that you can buy to create a unique website or power up a design project.

Envato Market Review

Do you know how many premium WordPress themes are available at this moment in Envato Market?

Not hundred. Not thousand. But around 70,000! Yes, you read it right. Envato is the largest marketplace for WordPress website owners with nearly 70k premium themes, 10k premium plugins, and many others. It showcases products from top-rated developers with lifetime updates and customer support.

If you are going to build a technology website, blog, or eCommerce portal, Envato is the best place to find the themes and plugins you need. It also sells royalty-free music, video effects, fonts, logo designs, etc to help you to build a professional-quality website easily.

Many online marketplaces require annual payments to get regular updates. But in Envato Market, all themes and plugins come with lifetime updates. So the one-time investment is enough to continue using your products forever.

There are many options to buy products on Envato like ThemeForest, Audiojungle, graphic river, etc for each product type. Envato is a parent company to all of them.

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How Does Envato Market Work?

Envato Market is basically a platform, where sellers/authors sell their products, services, or any digital assets on this platform by listing them.

The people who are interested in buying those products or services simply come to Envato and purchase them.

In this way, the sellers or authors earn money through Envato.

In this process, Envato charges some commission from the seller, which the customer pays to buy those author’s products.

Hence, in this way Envato market works, I hope that now it is totally clear to you about the working and earning system of Envato.

Envato Market Review — Features & Benefits

here are some features & benefits of Envato Market

  1. Launch beautiful, responsive websites faster with themes and templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Landing Pages, and more.
  2. Ship software faster with sliders, plugins, scripts, and code for WordPress, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, iOS, Android, and more.
  3. Produce slick videos and motion graphics with a huge range of stock footage, After Effects logos and intros, Apple Motion templates, and more.
  4. Add emotion, energy, and impact to your projects with music and sound effects for films, games, trailers, promos, podcasts, backgrounds, and more.
  5. Design slick flyers resume, logos, and banners faster with a huge library of illustrations, icons, web elements, templates, and more.
  6. Find the perfect royalty-free image, from weddings to fashion, business, food, family, fitness, people, tech, travel, and more.
  7. Enhance your games, animations, and 3D projects with models, textures, materials, base meshes, plugins, and more.

Who is Envato Marketplace For

Since Envato is a digital asset and a good marketplace, now the question is who should purchase these digital assets or who is Envato market for?

Now, let me clarify your question by explaining it in detail.

It is a marketplace, where you will get many best services such as royalty-free images, videos, infographics, audio, textures, plugins, code, scripts, animation, soundtracks, graphics, 3d images or patterns, templates, themes, etc.

Now as you all know that these digital assets are used by bloggers, YouTubers, graphic designers, freelancers, content creators, online marketers, editors, programmers, artists, etc.

Hence, if you come in these types of people, then let me recommend that you should also purchase these assets as per your need, as these things are going to be very useful in all of your work.

With the help you these tools or materials, you can really make your projects very highly converting, as the designs, themes, templates, graphics, etc attract people.

I hope now you have understood who is this platform for.

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Is Envato Market a legit Website?

The simple answer to this simple question is, Yes, Envato is the most trusted website or marketplace, which is very useful for people.

According to the data of Similarweb, it has more than 19 million visits per month, hence you can imagine how big this platform is.

Besides the traffic, it also has the #3 category rank and is under #1800 in the global rank, which is amazing.

Along with this it also has the #200 Alexa rank and now I hope that after seeing the Alexa rank, you should also start trusting this website.

If you will read the Wikipedia of Envato, then you will learn and know more about this Envato marketplace and then you will realize that this is the biggest marketplace of digital goods.

Envato Market Review — Pros & Cons

Now is the time to see some good as well as the bad sides of the Envato market.

But before looking into this, let me tell you that it has more good things as compared to bad.


  • The only platform you need
  • Designer’s paradise
  • Trusted marketplace
  • For beginners
  • Easy to join
  • Nominal price
  • The affordable price of products
  • Easy to navigate
  • Huge collection
  • Millions of web themes & templates
  • Unlimited updates
  • The biggest marketplace for digital goods

Envato Market Review — Cons

  • 6-months support
  • Difficult to choose the best one due to the various options
  • No money-back guarantee

Is Envato Market Really Affordable & Good?

No doubt. Envato Market is one of the best marketplaces to buy premium WordPress products and design tools. It is affordable and worth your money. But it is better to go through product features and verified user reviews in advance to ensure that it fits your needs. You can also contact developers through the Support tab to make pre-sale inquiries.

They accept payments by credit cards, PayPal, and Skrill. After purchase, you can download files anytime from the download section of your account. Mouse over your username from the top-right corner of Envato Market and choose downloads from the menu to view and download your products.

Envato Market is best for businesses, agencies, and bloggers to buy any item they need. Trusted by popular brands and enterprises, it connects you with world-class developers to apply a professional touch to your site.

Click here to visit Envato Market and buy a premium WordPress theme or plugin for your website

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How Can You Make Money With Envato Market?

Along with becoming a customer of Envato, you can also make money by becoming a partner with Envato.

In order to earn from Envato, there are basically two ways, either to become a seller or author on Envato or become an affiliate partner of Envato.

So let us understand both ways in detail.

Method: 1. Becoming a Seller

In order to become a seller on Envato, all you need is a digital product and this product could be anything such as a theme, plugin, template, image, soundtrack, texture, design, etc.

It simply means that you need to list your product on this marketplace and then customers of Envato will purchase your product if they like it or if useful to them.

Hence, in this way you can easily earn from this platform.

Method: 2. Becoming an Affiliate

Now another and my favorite method to earn from this marketplace is to become an affiliate member and simply earn from affiliate marketing.

Here, in this case, all you need do is simply join the affiliate program of Envato market, which is on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

Then after getting approved by them, you simply need to promote the affiliate links to make commissions.

Envato Market Review — FAQ

1. What is the Envato marketplace?

Envato Marketplace is one of the biggest marketplaces for digital products or assets such as videos, audio, templates, plugins, themes, graphics, etc.

2. Does Envato own Themeforest?

Yes, Themeforest is one of the services provided by Envato.

3. How to buy from the Envato market?

In order to buy any product from the marketplace of Envato, you simply need to choose the product, then add it to the cart to proceed with the payment.

Then you can easily pay with any of the payment options, given there.

As you can check on the website of Themeforest, you will be able to see there the branding of the Envato market.

4. What is the Envato market used for?

Inside the market Envato, you will be able to find many themes, templates, videos, audio, graphics, textures, plugins, animation, illustrations, infographics, etc.

5. What are the services of Envato?

There are multiple services that are provided by the Envato, such as:

and more…..

Hence, the people who are interested in using these assets or tools in their work simply purchase from this platform.

Envato Market Review — Conclusion

Envato Market is an all-in-one place to buy high-quality website themes, WordPress plugins, graphic assets, royalty-free images, and more. It features around 70k premium WordPress themes and 10k premium WordPress plugins to beautify your website.

Visit Envato Market

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