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Clone N Cash Review — Stolen Funnel Taps $9 Billion Traffic Source

You’re about to discover the brain-dead simple way my buddy Dan earns passive affiliate commissions on top networks like Warrior Plus, ClickBank, JVZoo, & More.

You Give Me 10 Minutes and I’ll Show You How Rookies Are Earning Their First $10,000 per Month Online Guaranteed.

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Clone N Cash Review — Overview

Clone N Cash Review

What Is Clone N Cash?

Clone N Cash is an on-demand coaching program that will teach you how to replicate Dan’s $ 10,000-per-month affiliate business from the ground up.

Clone N Cash Review

Because it only takes 20 minutes to set up, this 1-page funnel may appear simple. However, it employs powerful sales strategies behind the scenes to generate email leads, sell affiliate products, and tap into a reliable traffic source.

Clone N Cash eliminates all of the work, allowing anyone to earn six figures as a side hustle in just a few hours per week. This program helps you earn passive affiliate commissions in 3 easy steps.

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How Does Clone N Cash Work?

3 Easy Steps to Your First $10,000 Month

Clone N Cash earns passive affiliate commissions in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Clone Dan’s 1-page funnel

It only takes a few clicks (20 minutes of work) to clone Dan’s funnel for yourself.

No technical experience or programming is required Everything is set up with free software. I’ve included step-by-step instructions to make sure you get it right every time you want to clone a new funnel.

Step 2: Tap into a $9 Billion Dollar traffic source.

Turning on traffic is like flipping a switch. Everything is already built into the funnel, so you decide when it starts receiving new traffic.

Remember: You’ll be tapping into the same traffic that all the top affiliates are using to build their email lists and generate affiliate sales. This is proven, easy, and growing over the next 5 years.

Step 3: Profit.

Let Dan’s funnel go to work for you tapping into the same traffic source all the top super affiliate use…

And converting that traffic into leads and sales.

You can start earning passive commissions from day 1 with this funnel.

Clone N Cash puts you in control of your income. Whether you want a side hustle for extra cash each month or an affiliate marketing empire, you are in full control.

Clone N Cash Review — Features & Benefits

Let’s discover Clone N Cash Features

  1. How to clone this funnel in 20 minutes: Follow along with the click-by-click instructions to set up your first funnel and start earning commissions today. No technical or design skills are required. Set this up once and earn passive commissions forever.
  2. How to tap into the little-known yet lucrative $9 Billion Dollar traffic source used by Super Affiliates: Use the same traffic source Uber, PayPal, and AirBnb uses to fuel their growth that is set to double over the next 5 years.
  3. Hidden gem affiliate offers with guaranteed approval: Earn hundreds of dollars in commissions per sale promoting these hidden gem affiliate offers. These offers pay 80% commissions on $1,000+ sales, many of which offer guaranteed approval for new affiliates.
  4. Million-dollar email marketing strategies: How to turn your new email list into a million-dollar passive income stream. These simple templates will have you earning $1 per month for every subscriber on your list (with Clone N Cash you’ll be adding hundreds of new subscribers per day compounding your income.)
  5. How to make maximum money in minimum time: Use free software to automate this entire process so you only have to work 30 minutes a day.
  6. How to double your commissions on every offer you promote: Gain an unfair advantage over other affiliates with this commission-doubling hack. I’ve been using it for years to outsell everyone else on Warrior Plus and ClickBank.
  7. How to run this business in 30 minutes per day with $0 out-of-pocket expense: You can get started today, running this business discreetly in your spare time and see your first check in just 3 days from today.
  8. How to recession-proof this opportunity to work in any economy: your passive income only grows year after year.
  9. When you should and shouldn’t quit your day job: Know with confidence before you make any big life decisions.

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Who Should Use It?

Generally, Clone N Cash is a Must-Have item for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Com + Amazon
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Any other kinds of online business

Clone N Cash Review — Pros & Cons


  • Autopilot 24/7 Sales & Commissions
  • Unlike Anything, You Have Seen Before
  • All The Work is Already Done For You
  • Generate Passive Income For Years
  • ​​60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • No Cons Found.

Clone N Cash Review — FAQS

What is Clone N Cash?

Clone N Cash is an on-demand coaching program that teaches you how to tap into a $9 billion traffic source and generate affiliate commissions.

Is Clone N Cash really newbie friendly?

Absolutely! Everything is presented in a step-by-step manner that uses copy/paste of materials. No experience is needed. If you can send emails, you can run this business from home.

Is Clone N Cash something I’ve never seen before?

This Clone N Cash method has NEVER been publicly revealed. These funnels have never been sold before and the traffic sources have never been discussed publicly. This is the first time I’m showing any of this.

Does Clone N Cash have a free operation method?

YES! We include both paid and free traffic methods to help you get the most out of your Clone N Cash journey.

How exactly does Clone N Cash work?

You spend 20 minutes setting up a one-page sales funnel and connecting it to a little-known traffic source. This funnel generates email leads to whom you send affiliate offers for a commission.

How much can I earn with Clone N Cash?

Legally, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make any money with it because most people won’t put it into practice. This means that the commission for each affiliate sale ranges from $50 to $1,000.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

YES! You have a full 60 days to try it out for yourself. If you’re not completely 100% satisfied, for whatever reason, just send me a quick email with the word refund and I’ll send you every penny back. No hassles, no questions asked.

How long before I start making money with Clone N Cash?

Customers have seen their first commission check in as little as a week. However, how long it takes depends entirely on how quickly you are willing to put it into action.

How do I access Clone N Cash?

After you click the buy button and complete checkout, you’ll get instant access to the Clone N Cash member’s area, where you can access all of the above, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you. 

Your login details will arrive in your email inbox with the subject “your login details…” shortly after your purchase. If you do not receive this email, please open a ticket at

How can someone start a part-time affiliate marketing business while maintaining a full-time job?

It only takes 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes a week to manage emails to your affiliate list. You can do it early in the morning when you have your coffee or late at night before going to bed.

Clone N Cash Review — Conclusion

I hope my Clone N Cash OTO will help you decide more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions, leave a comment on the blog post to let me know.

Finally, this is an extremely exciting opportunity to help affiliate marketers. After reading this Clone N Cash review in full, I hope you have a complete understanding of the package. Thank you for reading. Good luck!

Get Instant Access To Clone N Cash Today!

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